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Collecting quality arrowheads ? what do you need to know?

A quality arrowhead is made from authentic and non industrial raw materials. It is added to the end of an arrow, and shot from a bow, and is used as a hunting weapon. Original arrowheads have the original qualities of ancient artifacts which were made from purely natural materials only. These heads are available in a variety of styles, shapes, colors and sizes.Examples of commonly sought after striking tips are the tomahawk heads which are originally from India. These heads are found in many online stores and they come in lengths ranging from 4 to 8 inches. These heads are designed in symmetrical shapes and some occasionally have notches on the sides. These native Indian pointed heads are quite popular among collectors because they hold a very important cultural value. Native Americans also made such heads and used them for hunting.

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ItAlArtworld Statues and Fountains ? The best and inimitable artifacts for your garden

ItAlArtworld statues and fountains are considered to be one of the best art pieces to decorate your garden. Our Lady of Lourdes statues made in Italy in Bonded marble w/ high quality paint outdoor / indoor statues and religious Art. However, the one issue that you may face is the right service provider who will provide you with the finest quality statues and fountains with the delivery direct at your doorstep. They are the biggest and direct manufacturer and importer of renaissance statues, Marble Statuary  Sculptures, Fountains, Granite Ball Fountains, Rolling ball Fountains, Limestone, Travertine , Bronze Statues, Bronze Sculpture, Bronze Art, Statues Hand Carved out of Solid Marble or any stone type, Rolling Sphere  Fountains, Statues Planters, Flower Pots, Beautiful Marble  Busts, Hand Crafted Gazebos and Pagodas for your Paradise Click to continue

State-of-the-art Gold Artifacts around the World

For a long time, gold has been considered as a kind of precious mental, playing important roles in human life. In human history, there have been a total of 165,000 tons of gold mined until the year of 2009. Recently, activities related to the gold market such as buying and selling gold, using gold as deposits have been active than ever. Due to the recent decline in gold mine production all over the world, the gold productivity has declined, but its value has reached over 135% in value in the past years. With nearly 8% of decreased annual gold mine production since 2001, artifacts made of gold have been more and more highly appreciated because of its sustainable economic and aesthetic values. Let\’s have a look at the stunning photo gallery of gold artifacts around the world to get to know the stages of gold mining and processing.


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Make heads turn with CAT boots!

CAT footwear has made a name for itself with its quality shoes. The Caterpillar brand, which has earned laurels for their steadfast performance and reliability in the construction and mining industry, is a big success story in the footwear industry too.

CAT boots stand for uncompromising strength and durability. They have carved a niche for themselves with their stylish looks and scientific designs. They have boots for heavy industrial and service use. They also have boots for casual wear. Their work boots combine durability with the comfort of an athletic shoe.

All CAT boots are built to last. They have shoes and trainers also in their footwear collection. Their legendary boot collection includes the CAT Morrison, CAT Jonas, CAT Vero, CAT Ballad, CAT Peril and CAT Vinson. CAT Vinson has got five stars from the fans of Caterpillar brand.

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BPO Jobs: A First Experience of Professional Life for Many Young Indians in Cities

The BPO industry, of which call centers are the major part, has flourished in India as more and more foreign companies are using the services of Indian companies for emergency response, client queries, lead generation, marketing and sales, and customer acquisition.

As the winds of western trends blow in India, youngsters in big cities with education in English medium schools find work in BPO firms during their college days, or right after completing school. They work night shifts and study during the day, and sometime bunk the classes. Getting such jobs depends on their ability to speak good English and skillfulness in persuading people. Such BPO jobs are usually the first jobs for the youngsters, some of whom are straight out Click to continue


This is an essential proof of the nationality and is issued to the citizen of the country for the purpose of international travel. A passport is the identity document issued by the government of India that identifies the holder as a national of a particular state of the country and permits the bearer to enter and travel through other countries.

This is a legal document which contains holder’s photograph, signature, date of birth, nationality, and some other means of individual identification.

A passport allows a person to travel or visit one country to another. Sometimes we require a visa along with the passport to enter a country. A visa allows a person to stay in other country for a specific purpose like job or study.

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Wild West Tech- Native American Tech- the short bow

Wild West Tech did a real neat bit on Indian Tech. I liked the part about the short bow. All credits belong to History Channel.
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